Soyfx is a specific/unique combination of identified and tested microbials that elicit a positive crop response. Soyfx unlocks the plant’s ability to produce growth regulators and metabolites that enhance production through biosynthetic pathway efficiencies.

Key Benefits

  • More branching per plant
  • Increase in flowers and pods
  • Increased nodulation
  • Reduce plant stress
  • Aids in hail damage recovery

Impact on the Plant

  • Stress Mitigation
    Specific strains of microbes modulate pH
  • Increased flowers & pods
    Additional branching leads to more flowers and pods
  • Additional Branching
    Specially identified microbes activate the lower axillary buds
  • Increased Nodulation
    Facultative anaerobic bacteria promote and support the production of increased nodulation
  • Nitrogen Availability
    Converts soil N to plant available forms quicker


In-Furrow/Foliar 16 oz./Acre

  • Step 1
    Load water into the application tank
  • Step 2
    In-furrow – Load Soyfx into tank
    Foliar – Load surfactant
  • Step 3
    Load 16oz/acre of Soyfx into mixture

Seed coat 2 oz./cwt

  • Step 1
    Load into separate tank from fungicide and insecticide (Can be mixed with inoculant)
  • Step 2
    Apply 2 oz./cwt of product to the seed
  • Step 3
    Plant within 100 days of treatment

Multi Year Data

Seed Coat – 4×1 gal
In-furrow – 4×120 oz.
Foliar – 2×2.5 gal

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