Manufacturer: Agrovive
For use on: Soybeans
Application Methods and Rates

  • Seed: 2 ounces per CWT. Can be applied alone or in combination with other seed treatments.
  • In Furrow: 16 fl. oz. per acre and minimum of 5 gpa total volume.
  • Foliar: 16 fl. oz. per acre with 10 to 20 gallons water. May be tank mixed with other products. Early vegetative application (V2-V4) would be ideal.

Soyfx is a specific/unique combination of identified and tested microbials that elicit a positive crop response. Soyfx unlocks the plant’s ability to produce growth regulators and metabolites that enhance production through biosynthetic pathway efficiencies.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible Use Options
  • Increased Branching, Pods & Nods
  • Efficacy After Hail Event
  • Plant Stress Mitigation & Reduced Ethylene Production

How Does Soyfx Increase Branching?

Microbes contained within Soyfx manipulate the plant into activating the lower axillary buds into developing branches.

Increased Pods

  • Additional branching and less aborted flowers/pods helps support higher pod counts.
  • We sampled 145 Soyfx treated plants compared to 145 non-treated plants from the same field
  • 28% increase in pod count with the Soyfx treated plants

Increased Nodulation

  • Facilitative anaerobic bacteria support the production of nodules in upper inch of soil
  • Independent research documented a 23% increase in nodulation with Soyfx
  • Nodules fix Nitrogen into a form usable by plants

Efficacy after Hail Event

  • Microbes within Soyfx trigger regrowth at point of breakage rather than relying on lower axillary buds
  • Soyfx allows for a quicker, more aggressive recovery from a hailstorm resulting in lower yield loss

Photos taken approximately 1 ½ months after hailstorm:

Soyfx treated soybean plants
Soyfx treated soybean plants
Untreated soybean plants
Untreated soybean plants