Manufacturer: Agrovive
For use on: Soybeans
Application Methods and Rates

  • Seed – 1 fl. ounce per 50 lbs. via seed treater
  • In Furrow – 16 fl. ounces per acre
  • Foliar – 16 fl. ounces per acre with 10-20 gallons water

Soyfx is a specific/unique combination of identified and tested microbials that elicit a positive crop response. Soyfx unlocks the plant’s ability to produce growth regulators and metabolites that enhance production through biosynthetic pathway efficiencies. Some benefits include: phosphate solubilization through microbial activity, increased total leaf area, reduced ethylene production (associated with aging and senescence), pH regulation, reduced reactive oxygen species, and general stress mitigation. Soyfx contains microbials that enhance regrowth following a hail event, so the point of stem breakage grows rather than growth from an axillary bud. Therefore, if there is a hailstorm early enough that replanting is an option, Soyfx reduces the need to replant.