Our Team

Tim Bratland

Tim Bratland is the President of YieldMaster Solutions in De Smet, South Dakota. Tim attended Dakota State University where he studied business management. In 1989, Tim and his father built a seed processing plant and started Bratland Seed, a seed cleaning business. Since then, Tim has amassed over 30 years of experience in the seed industry, including leadership roles in several areas such as product selection, production, and sales in the United States and Canada. Today, agriculture is still an integral part of his life as he leads the YMS team. Tim focuses on building customer relationships and identifying key technologies on the cutting edge of ag, targeted to meet the demands of an evolving industry, enhance crop performance, and ultimately boost grower ROI.

Josh O’Brien
National Sales Manager

Upon graduating from the University of Central Missouri in 2009, Josh became an account executive for a biological marketing company based in Iowa.  He spent the next 10 years traveling the country developing a dealer network for their microbial-based products designed for use in the agronomy, livestock, and horticulture industries.  In October of 2019, Josh joined YieldMaster Solutions as an account executive. Since then, he has transitioned to National Sales Manager, responsible for sales across North America, industry partnerships, and the YMS distributor account network. When not on the road educating farmers about the YMS product line, Josh works from his office in Minneapolis, MN.  

Keith Evans
Account Manager

Keith Evans is based out of Lincoln, Nebraska and serves as an Account Manager for YieldMaster Solutions in South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado. He has a Master of Science in Plant and Soil Science as well as his CCA.  Prior to YieldMaster Solutions, he was a Regional Agronomist and Business Development Representative for a company that sold bio-stimulant products in a similar geography. As an account manager Keith works alongside new and existing dealers to provide quality biological products as well as maximize ROI for them and their growers.

Luke Orth
Account Manager

Luke Orth is a graduate of Michigan State University and has been involved in the seed industry for several years. Based out of Ludington, Michigan, Luke serves as an Account Manager for Michigan, focusing on cultivating a retail network and steward dealer relationships in order to further support and promote the high quality YMS product line.

Becky McDaniel
Account Specialist

Becky McDaniel is an Account Specialist for YieldMaster Solutions. Becky oversees administrative responsibilities as it relates to dealer agreements, purchase orders, payments, etc. Her passion for agriculture and ensuring customer success and satisfaction enhance the unique advantages of working with YMS. When asked what makes YMS unique, Becky stated, “We are able to listen to the farmer’s needs and in return we find products that can meet those needs while giving them the best ROI possible.”