OmniSync is designed to put all aspects of your small grains into balance from start to finish using micronutrients, fungi, beneficial bacteria, and seed lubricant.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced nutrient and water uptake
  • Increased pest resistance
  • Key bacteria that fix nitrogen and unlock phosphorus

Impact on the Plant

  • Plant Growth Support
    OmniSync improves nutrient uptake and soil biology which supports plant growth, leading to yield increases.
  • Optimal Start
    As a dry planter box treatment that contains a variety of micronutrients, OmniSync provides supplemental nutrition for an optimal start.
  • BioFertilizer
    OmniSync’s key bacteria and fungi work as biofertilizers that fix
    nitrogen, unlock phosphorus, and create better root development and soil biology which allows better uptake of nutrients.
  • Plant Defense
    Beauveria bassiana is a specific strain of fungi found in OmniSync that colonizes systemically. This serves as a defense mechanism against disease and various insect pests.
  • Improved Nutrient & Water Uptake
    The mycorrhizal fungus grows as a vast web of tiny filaments in plant roots and the surrounding soil. The fungal threads, called mycelia, explore a larger area than the plant roots allowing the plant to naturally improve the ability for water and nutrient uptake.

Application (2 oz/unit of seed)

Individual/Single Row Units

  • Step 1
    Remove provided scoop from packaging.
  • Step 2
    Sprinkle 2 scoops of OmniSync per bag of seed into the individual/ single row unit and stir gently for uniform seed coverage.

Bulk Application

  • Mix product into recommended units of seed, alternating between pouring seed and product for uniform seed coverage.
  • For Bulk Application use scoop to sprinkle powder on seed into large black “Pro-Box” and mix in before putting seed in tender.
  • Or apply in “seed pool” at the base of the auger when seed is moving up into planter.


320 oz. pail

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