Who We Are

The purpose and focus of YieldMaster Solutions LLC (YMS) is to identify, market and sell elite and innovative microbiologic-based solutions that have shown the ability to enhance plant health and crop performance.

Any product we move from testing into our product portfolio must show the ability to maximize our growers’ return on investment.

Our Philosophy

It is our desire is to build a business that puts its people first and to work with partners who share our same progressive and inclusive values. YMS believes if we focus on a great customer experience, success will follow.

Why Partner With Us

Proof of Concept Testing

We are dedicated to the idea of “Proof of Concept.” Ground truthing. Does any specific biological product work, when applied according to the label in real farming scenarios? Our trials are not conducted in a sterile lab or controlled environment, our POC Trials and technical team are in the field working, witnessing, and learning alongside actual innovative farmers.

YMS is Marketing & Research

By choosing to represent rather than to manufacturer, YMS can be selective about which products we choose to allow into our portfolio.  As a fiercely independent organization, our team selects products based on performance not allegiance.