Envita™ Performance Trial Summary

Dave Firle, near Fairfax, MN, conducted a field trial with various nitrogen rates and Envita™ (a nitrogen fixing bacteria) combinations. The corn hybrid used was 7803 VT2P RIB and the field was corn after beans with conventional tillage.

For evaluation purposes and to gain a sense of the Envita and nitrogen benefit, three rates of nitrogen and two rates of Envita were applied. Fertilizer nitrogen rates of 80 lbs., 130 lbs., or 180 lbs./acre (grower standard) were applied, with and without Envita. Envita has a use rate of 3.2 fluid ounces per acre and was applied in furrow at planting. Envita can also be used as a foliar application option at the same rate.


Figure 1: Three Strip Average Chart

Overall, with the high rate of nitrogen (180 lbs./acre), adding Envita in furrow at planting resulted in an extra 4.9 bu/acre as illustrated in figure 1. Figure 1 shows the average of three strips: with and without Envita.

There are a couple points of learning from this trial:Figure 2: Lbs of N added with and without Envita

  1. Envita use resulted in additional corn yield at any nitrogen rate in this trial.
  2. The response to Envita was even greater at lower nitrogen rates.
  3. The largest return from the use of Envita was at the medium nitrogen rate. This supports the concept that Envita does not provide the total nitrogen requirement, rather it supplements and supports production. These results also suggest a higher return in using Envita where there is risk of losing nitrogen OR where higher rates can’t or shouldn’t be applied such as sandy soils, near waterways or tile intakes.

Staggered Envita Nitrogen Usage Trial
staggered trial ear comparison