Biologicals Proving Positive Results at Early Emergence

YieldMaster Solutions Role in the Biological World

Agricultural biologicals are beneficial crop production and protection tools that enhance yield and overall crop health. YieldMaster Solutions, LLC (YMS) is selective about which products we choose to allow into our portfolio. We recognize different crops have specific needs, so YMS offers tailored solutions to address a crop or cropping system. At emergence, differences are already apparent, and these results create excitement for continued success using IONfx and Envita™!


IONfx  is a mix of genetically identified and patented bacteria, along with archaea and fungi. While many microbes live naturally in a plant, this mix of microorganisms has been selected to support, enhance, and supplement plant functions. IONfx  unlocks a plants ability to produce growth regulators and metabolites.

Benefits of IONfx include pH regulation, heat and drought stress tolerance, phosphate solubilization and yield increase. Trails have expressed an average of 5.4 bu/acre yield increase.  

While our findings focus mainly on corn, IONfx  is a multi-crop biological that can also be used on sorghum, small grains, cotton, canola and flax. IONfx can be applied as a seed coat, in-furrow, or foliar application.


Envita is a naturally occurring, food-grade microbe discovered and isolated from sugar cane in 1988. Envita establishes itself within the plant cells and forms vesicles for nitrogen fixation. Envita is unique because it develops a relationship with the cells through the whole plant, rather than just the roots like rhizobia does. Envita will live in the plant throughout the season to supplement nitrogen requirements.

Benefits of Envita include its ability to live within multiple crops, supplement or replace portions of nitrogen fertilizer, and environmental sustainability. Our proof of concept trials relate an 85% positive response with a 9.5 average bu/acre yield increase when results were positive.

What to Look For

To analyze if products are making a positive influence, we primarily look at three things:

  1. Root development
  2. Plant vigor
  3. Growth stage advantages

Check out a video recording where these key indicators are explained further:

Our Findings This Season

We have numerous test plots scattered across the upper Midwest. The results at emergence are impressive and align with testing previously conducted in controlled greenhouse environments.

Figure 1: Legend Seeds corn hybrid planted May 27, photo taken 6 days after planting, Lake Preston, SD plot

The root development difference between treated corn plants is notable (figure 1). This plot was planted late and into warm soil, so the plants emerged quickly in just 5-6 days. Although it can be difficult to notice differences while walking the fields, digging plants and placing them on a grid helps to illustrate what is actually happening. This photo shows longer roots and bigger leaves when treated with Envita, Ionfx, or the combination, as compared to the base treatment. Additionally, where Envita was applied, there was more root development and more advanced leaves. Furthermore, there was a stepwise improvement in roots and leaves where Ionfx or the combination of Ionfx and Envita were used. These results match the analysis of root development from greenhouse testing (figure 2). We can’t say conclusively that the bigger plants will yield more, but they certainly have greater potential for increased yield.

Figure 2: Controlled greenhouse environment, Legend Seeds corn hybrid, planted 4” deep in peat-based growth medium

QuickRoots® Continues to Adds Value

With all the talk focused on biological products such as Envita and IONfx, it can become easy to overlook the importance of QuickRoots. The biologicals Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and Trichoderma virens found in QuickRoots can release bound phosphate from the soil. This improved phosphate availability is critical and can lead to expanded root volume, which enhances nitrogen and potassium uptake. Testing with QuickRoots has resulted in increased yields across a geographic sphere (figure 3). Based on observations, Envita and Ionfx add to those benefits, giving crops even greater potential to be healthier and higher yielding.

Figure 3: QuickRoots treated vs standard seed treatment, 2 year data (CY2013 and CY2014)

Moving Forward

The YMS team will continue to monitor plant growth differences throughout the growing season. All products we offer must earn their way into our elite portfolio by proving they are sustainable and delivering a significant return on investment (ROI) to the farmer. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date with our latest findings and information.