Nutriquire Foliar

Stress Less with Nutriquire

Concerned about heat stress, drought stress, or phosphorus solubilization? Nutriquire has you covered. By applying Nutriquire, it allows your crop to develop a greater overall root mass and utilize nutrients more efficiently through spore forming bacteria. The lifecycle of spore forming bacteria allows for them to withstand harsh environmental conditions by activating when conditions are favorable.

Nutriquire bacteria have the ability of unlocking tied up phosphorus and potassium from the soil ultimately making them more available for plant uptake and accelerating the conversion of N,P, & K into a plant usable form.

Proof is in the Data:

Application Rates:

Foliar Applied:

  • 32 oz/acre

Application Timing:

Foliar Application Instructions:

  • Step 1:
    Load water into the application tank
  • Step 2:
    Load adjuvants, compatible herbicides, fungicides & compatible insecticides
  • Step 3:
     Load 32 oz/acre of Nutriquire into mixture  

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