Envita Potatoes

Get more fries per acre.

The only N-fixing bacteria that works from within the plant, applied in-furrow OR foliar, and across crops to supplement nitrogen where and when it’s needed.

Key Benefits

  • Precision: Fixes atmospheric N
  • Profitability: Improves yield
  • Versatility: Can be applied in-furrow or foliar

How Envita Works

A. Envita enters the plant through the root zone (in-furrow application) or leaf stomata (foliar application)

B. Envita bacteria works its way into the plant cell and colonies within the actual cell

C. Envita bacteria creates small vesicles or “air pockets” within the plant cell that have the ability of capturing nitrogen from the atmosphere

D. Envita repopulates within the cell

Multi-Year Envita Data Results

Envita has proven itself on potatoes across North America and Europe through a mix of replicated, processor and grower trials since 2020. The season-long, weatherproof nitrogen available from Envita has consistently brought excellent grower ROI through increased yields and improved processing quality, such as specific gravity.

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Application Rates:

In-furrow: 3.2 fl. oz. per acre
Foliar: 3.2 fl. oz. per acre

In-furrow Starter Fertilizer
Tank Mix Directions:
Compatible with most starter fertilizers. Always perform jar test to confirm mixture compatibility. For best results follow product mixing protocol listed below:
Step 1
Load starter fertilizer into application tank
Step 2
Load 1 – 2.5 gallons of water per acre into application tank. Low salt fertilizers require less water, while higher salt fertilizers such as 10-34-0 require higher levels of water to buffer the salt’s impact on the bacteria.
Step 3
Load 3.2 ounces (1 gallon treats 40 acres) of Envita into the fertilizer/water mixture in the application tank.

* The amount of time Envita is mixed with fertilizer in a tank is critical to the success of the product. For best results apply mixture of fertilizer, water, and Envita within 4-6 hours.

Foliar Application Directions:

  • Envita is compatible with most herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. Perform a jar test to confirm compatibility.
  • If possible avoid mixing with Group 4 herbicides, however Performance Guarantee will still apply if used with Group 4 herbicides.
  • Apply Envita between the V2-V6 stage in corn & V2-V4 stage in soybeans.
  • Apply Envita with 15-20 gallons per acre of water for best results.
  • For more product handling and application recommendations, please see the Best Practices Guide

4×1 gal

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