Categories: Soybeans, Testimonial

Grower: Cody Miller

Crop: Soybeans

Product Used: Soyfx

“I will absolutely use Soyfx in the future,” Cody says. “The results are good, and I am very pleased with the product.” He also recommends this product to his growers and hopes they see the same differences that he has seen on his own farm.

About this field: Cody Miller experienced severe hail damage to his soybeans treated with Soyfx vs. untreated. Soyfx contains microbials that enhance regrowth following a hail event, so the point of stem breakage grows rather than growth from an axillary bud. Therefore, if there is a hailstorm early enough that replanting is an option, Soyfx reduces the need to replant. In this situation, with the drastic damage, farmers would have had to wait for crops to grow back and have more foliage before they were able to apply a biological. As a result, the recovery window would be long overdue, and the treatment would have a lower chance of working. Cody is grateful for the added hail insurance Soyfx brought to his operation.

Left: Soyfx treated soybean plants; Right: untreated soybean plants. Photos taken approximately 1 ½ months after hailstorm.


Whapeton, ND