Nutriquire + Terrasym

Nutriquire + Terrasym is a synergistic combination of spore forming microbials and siderophores applied in the planter box providing ease of use, improved plant nutrient uptake and ROI.

Key Benefits

  • Improved soil nutrient uptake
  • Allows for greater iron and manganese uptake
  • Provides protection around the seed through competitive exclusion

Impact on the Plant

  • Crop Stress mitigation
    Utilizes nutrients and water more efficiently allowing the plant to continue to operate despite difficult growing conditions.
  • Improved Soil Nutrient Uptake
    Microbes within Nutriquire + Terrasym release enzymes that attach to micronutrients and deliver to the plant.
  • Improved Ear Fill
    Microbes help improve nutrient uptake throughout the entire season leading to improved ear fill.
  • Seed Flowability
    Provides a cleaner, safer lubrication and improved singulation compared to talc/graphite.
  • Potassium Availability
    Mineralizes potassium more efficiently allowing for enhanced pod fill.
  • IDC Tolerance
    Minimizes the impact of iron deficiency in the plant by allowing for greater iron uptake. Data shows average of 19.4% increase in the leaf tissue compared to the control.
  • Iron Uptake
    Bacteria within Nutriquire + Terrasym produce siderophores which bind iron and concentrate it in the root zone as a plant available form.


Individual/Single Row Units

  • Step 1
    Remove provided scoop from packaging
  • Step 2
    Using the scoop and application rates listed sprinkle Nutriquire + Terrasym into the individual/single row unit and stir gently for uniform seed coverage

Bulk Application

  • Mix product into recommended units of seed, alternating between pouring seed and product for uniform seed coverage.
  • For Bulk Application use scoop to sprinkle powder on seed into large black “Pro-Box” and mix in before
    putting seed in tender.
  • Or apply in “seed pool” at the base of the auger when seed is moving up into planter.


  • Soybeans
    8 x 20 oz.
  • Corn
    8 x 12.5 oz

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