Manufacturer: Agrovive
For use on: Small grains
Application Methods and Rates

  • Seed Coat:
    • 2 ounce per CWT of seed via seed treater.
    • Should not use hormone-based plant growth regulators (PGR) with this product because the combination may result in stunted growth.
  • Foliar:
    • 16 ounces per acre rate.
    • Can be applied through ground application, fertigation, or aerial.
    • Apply with 10-20 gallons of water.
    • Do not tank mix with fungicides, PGR’s, or glyphosate.

Crownfx is a carefully chosen combination of microbials that have been tested and selected to elicit a positive crop response. Crownfx enhances the plant’s ability to metabolize nutrients and efficiently support growth. Some benefits include: phosphate solubilization through microbial activity, increased leaf area and tillering, reduced ethylene production (associated with aging and senescence), pH regulation, reduced reactive oxygen species, general stress mitigation, stronger stems and increased seeds per head as well as total number of heads per plant.

Key Benefits

• Enhance root mass
• Release more tillers
• Increase seed head length
• Increase kernel counts
• Increase crude protein

Crownfx impact on the plant

Scouting Recommendations

  • Early Season Emergence & Root Development:
    Crownfx™ promotes root development including early season lateral roots which provides necessary support for tillering and shoot development. Avoiding propiconazole during this phase is critical as a multispectral antimicrobial will terminate the symbiotic bonds with the plant.
  • Faster Canopy:
    By supporting increased tillering and leaf surface area canopy can be established earlier. This can have an impact on weed pressures and moisture retention in the field.
  • Larger Flag Leaves:
    Increased flag leaf surface area is directly linked to energy production during reproduction. This is critical to support the production of energy and carbohydrates for yield.
  • Increased Uniformity at Harvest and Protein Increases:
    Plant height is typically increased and shows increased uniformity of height and reduced lodging due to increased support in the field. Protein levels are supported through the increase in metabolic processing in the plant. Fertility management is recommended to maximize protein levels realized at harvest.
  • Increased Straw Residues Post Harvest:
    The increase in head bearing tillers creates the opportunity for increased straw residues in the field post harvest.